Plantae Mobile App

Tool for the sustainable management of the Portuguese forest.

Plantae is a prototype of an application developed in the academic field that has as its main objective to serve as a tool that supports the planning and afforestation of the Portuguese territory through the contribution and intervention of the user.

Plantae aims to raise awareness and educate citizens, to promote an active participation of society through principles of action, to promote sustainable measures such as the recovery and reforestation of the forest with native trees, and to value the recreational component of forests in a sustainable way.

To see the development process (application vision, context of use, functionalities, storyboards, target audience, stakeholders, navigation, interface, cognitive walkthrough, heuristics, affordances, interactive prototype, and UEQ) see the project report 🡥.

Project Goals

The demonstration of technical mastery over the conceptual tools associated with the interaction design process through an application for mobile devices directed to the theme of Environmental Sustainability.




Alexandra Oliveira

Avram Gincu

Maria Gabriela Valente


Jorge Cardoso

External Links

Project Report [PT] ↗