Portuguese Educational Service Agenda is a proposed concept for a web platform with the mission of integrating cultural initiatives in the lives of students through the dissemination of activities from the Educational Services of Portuguese institutions.

Institutions in the cultural sector live in a constant environment of economic uncertainty. The financial precariousness of these institutions and,consequently, of human resources, does not allow for significant investments in digital platforms. Therefore this project aims to contribute to the sustainable digitization of the cultural sector.
The platform also has the following goals:

—  Contribute to an active participation of schools and families in the integration of the cultural and artistic dimension in the lives of students;

—  Support the work of teachers, parents, and students;

—  Promote the adhesion of young people to cultural activities;

—  Decrease social inequalities and promote equity;

—  Promote cultural activities directed to the younger generations;

—  Mobilize the arts in schools;

—  Promote the Educational Service of cultural institutions.




Alexandra Oliveira

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