Disruptive Exhibition

Wolfgang Weingart Design Exhibition

Disruptive is a proposal for the first edition of a series of design exhibitions in Coimbra that have the purpose of promoting the discipline and revealing part of the history of graphic design. Inspired by Wolfgang Weingarts disruptive attitude towards design, this exhibition distributes his work across six rooms at Colégio das Artes, showcasing them with the help of experimental technological devices.

Exhibition Space [3D Renders by Fábio Gouveia]

Empty space, Anti-Grid, Overlap, Circle, Typography, Rupture, Flexibility, Tangibility

Wolfgang Weingart (1941—2021) was an internationally known designer and typographer that helped change the area of graphic design by influencing others to break apart the norms and to experiment more with their work.

This exhibition distributes Wolfgang’s work across six exhibition rooms at Colégio das Artes. These works are showcased with the help of experimental technological devices, inspired by his disruptive attitude towards design.